Annett Precht & Oliver Range

Bass & Guitar


A&O Music – Annett & Oliver

Below you can see the equipment from A&O Music …

… and in the two videos (for Handy or Desktop) you can see a short excerpt from “our” Caroline! My dear Annett is on bass. I taught her to play bass for the first time a few months ago…a natural!

Zombie – A&O & the Cat

Annett said today that she would like to play “Zombie” by The Cranberries. Then I downloaded the playback, watched a few videos and went to the practice room… but we weren’t expecting the cat… Be sure to watch the video until the end because the cat goes crazy with our version of Zombie!

Rock with Samples

In this video you can see how I make music – just put a different instrument on each track and see what comes out.

This time I wanted to make it a little rockier and also added two guitars, but somehow it sounds pretty corny again… for an old rock fan like me there is now:

Another experiment:

Just for fun …

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